“Able to break down and explain complex concepts”

Natalie's tutoring has made a huge impact on my 8th grade daughter's math understanding.  Natalie is able to break down and explain complex concepts in such a way that my daughter not only understands what is going on, but also gets excited that she understands it. My daughter responds very positively to Natalie's patient way of communication, and her math grade has improved accordingly. We feel lucky to have been referred to Natalie!

— Danielle R., Parent

“Excited about their abililty to understand”

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Natalie to anyone whose children can use some assistant with mathematics!  My twin girls got great grades but struggled with middle school math. The girls really respond to the way Natalie teaches. They come away excited about their ability to understand the subject and prepared for school.

— Deborah S, Parent

Natalie has really helped our son. He's a high school freshman, and needed someone who could help break down the work so he could not only understand it, but have the confidence to realize this was something he could learn. He went from a 70 to a 95 in the class, and working with Natalie is the main reason for that improvement. Thank you!

— Mark T., Parent


"See her stress level reduce after each session"

Natalie has been working with our daughter, Allie, for the last 2 years. There are no words to describe how much she has helped Allie, not only in boosting her overall confidence in herself, but spending time explaining and reinforcing concepts that she has not been able to get out of the classroom with her regular math teachers. She has gone above and beyond, not only getting to know Allie as a person, but making sure that she understands the material they are covering and that she is prepared for upcoming tests and quizzes. She is able to relate so well with her students that it allows her to customize her teaching style to each individual's needs.  She has the ability to teach in an easy to understand way and makes sure Allie understands each concept before moving on. It was such a relief to see Allie finally begin to understand math and see her stress level reduce after each session with Natalie. She has always been flexible with her schedule and even has allowed us to schedule extra time with her during final exams for review. We would recommend Natalie to any family that is looking for a math tutor that will make a difference!

— Chris H., Parent